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Our team currently consists of six members. All have many years of experience in the application of funds, assistance and organisation of R&D projects and have had hands-on experience in R&D in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries as well in other sectors of the Life Sciences industry including environment.

Dr. Jürgen Conrad, Partner
Dr. Conrad received his PhD in Molecular Biology from the University of Mainz. He was Project Manager at former Schering AG, Berlin, and later Head of Research of the Institute for Research in Diagnostics, a subsidiary of Schering AG. In 1992, he founded ConsulTech GmbH and has since then supported many companies with his specific know-how on corporate financing in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical devices industry sectors.
His long-standing experience in realization of many publicly funded international and national research and development projects in the Life Sciences is the basis of our and our customer’s success.

Dr. Daniel Schubart, Partner
After studying Biotechnology in Berlin, Dr. Schubart obtained his PhD at the Friedrich Miescher-Institute (Novartis Research Foundation) of the University of Basel, Switzerland. His thesis about transcriptional regulation of immunoglobulin genes was published in Nature and Journal of Immunology and was awarded the Edmond H. Fisher prize for the most outstanding thesis of the year. He started his career in industry as a group manager with the biotechnology start-up Axxima in Munich. He was working as Head of Bioinformatics at the French biotechnology company EntoMed and in Berlin in the areas of drug discovery, drug development and analytics for Paion AG.
He focuses on projects in areas of basic research, method development, bioinformatics and the health care industry.

Dr. Nina Bohlke
Nina Bohlke studied Chemical Biology at the Technical University Dortmund. Among others, during her studies she conducted research projects at the Chemical Genomics Centre of the Max-Planck Society and at the Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (AIBN). Afterwards, Dr. Bohlke completed her PhD thesis within an EU-funded project in the field of synthetic biology at the Technical University Berlin and obtained her PhD in the biocatalysis group of the chemistry department.
Subsequently, Dr. Bohlke worked as a research associate (postdoc) at Bayer CropScience (later Bayer AG) in Frankfurt am Main in the field of biotransformation. As part of this, she also worked on fermentation optimisation at Bayer AG in Berlin.
Since 2018, Dr. Bohlke became involved at ConsulTech in project management and in the support of research and development projects in the life science sector.

Heidrun Gürtler
Heidrun Gürtler is an engineer in biotechnology with an emphasis on process engineering. She worked as a scientist in a medium sized company specialised in environmental technology. As project manager she supervised national and international projects in the field of production-integrated environmental protection.
She has been working with ConsulTech since 2001 and has therefore vast experience in the support of R&D projects in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and next-generation technologies.

Dr. Michael Rupp-Dahlem
Dr. Michael Rupp-Dahlem studied Biology in Berlin with focus on animal physiology. He worked as a scientist at the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM) and at the Institute for Analytics and Environmental Research with a focus on analytics and toxicology. He started working with us in 2002, after taking additional training in scientific information management. He consults and supports life science companies.

Ursula Wirtz
Ursula Wirtz is an engineer in Biotechnology. She worked in Berlin Chamber of Commerce Consulting Agency, supporting companies with respect to EU project funding. Furthermore, she worked for a consulting firm and as a freelance project manager with the aim of supporting companies and public institutions in filing applications for funding and execution of funded projects of federal and EU projects. Additionally, she has substantial experience in the pre-arrangement and management of partnering events, conferences and workshops.
She has been working at ConsulTech since 2007 and is mostly involved in the management of grant applications and further support of funded R&D projects for healthcare and biotechnology firms.

Ute Dabitz
Ute Dabitz has been working for ConsulTech nearly since its establishment and takes care of the office organisation and administration.