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Since 1992, we have been supporting biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical technology companies as well as research institutions with the entire process of setting-up and executing proposals for R&D projects.

Furthermore, we support companies in their financial R&D strategy, in particular during the start-up process.

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In this flyer the company and our work is summarized.

ConsulTech is supported through the SME Instrument of the Horizon 2020 program of the European Commission.


ConsulTech is a consulting company founded in 1992. Since then, We have been advising companies and research institutions in the life-sciences sector in financing their R&D projects using public funding.

We assist companies of all sizes active in the fields of biotechnology, pharmaceutical development, medical technology and environmental technology to find adequate funding (regional, state and EU funds) for their projects. ConsulTech identifies suitable public subsidies for research and development projects, creates research networks and assumes responsibility for project management.

In addition, ConsulTech supports the establishment of young companies and facilitates in the search for investors.

ConsulTech unites expertise in the pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology start-ups with many years of experience in financial and general strategic consulting and in the identification of suitable public funding.

During our 20 years of company history, more than 500 million EUR of public funding have been successfully channelled into suitable projects

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