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Transnational funding program "ERA-NET RUS Plus"

In frame of "ERA.Net RUS Plus" grants in the area of Nanotechnologies, Environment/Climate change, Health, Social Sciences and Humanities and Robotics shall be awarded to applicants from these states:

Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Estonia, Finnland, Lithuania, Moldawia, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slowakia, Switzerland and Turkey.

More specifically, grants shall be awarded for projects focussing on these areas:

  • Advanced nano-sensors for environment and health
  • Novel functional nanomaterials based on design and modeling

Environment/Climate Change
  • Impact of climate change and extreme climate events on the environment
  • Prevention and remediation of pollution of aquatic  systems

  • Regenerative medicine, biomaterials and organ-on-a-chip-systems
  • Drug discovery for cancer, cardiovascular and infectious disease

Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Demography, conflicts and security issues
  • Traditional and non-traditional cultural values
  • Regional development and social cohesion

  • Robotics design and Human-Robot Interaction
  • Robots in agriculture, medicine, industry, maritime and education

With respect to Germany, SMEs with a branch in Germany, Universities and research institutions are eligible to apply for funding

A valid project has partners from companies/institutions from at least 3 of the above mentioned states. At least one partner shall be based in Russia. For German partners, the grant shall be awarded for a maximum of 3 years and up to 150.000 € per project (not per partner!) whereby companies might funded up to 50% of the eligible costs and Universities /public research institutions up to 100%.

This is a two-stage process. The first-stage application shall be filed in English by the 4th of July 2017.