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e-Col - Online Collaboration and Authoring Platform

e-Col is an IT-system that allows to work on the same Microsoft® document (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) with many team members at the same time. c-Col is a GDPR compliant cloud-based solution offering completely private e-rooms.
In addition, it provides many features enabling true collaborative work such as limitless file sharing, to-do lists and calendar, chat, VoIP and video calls.

This is the perfect solution
  • for virtual companies,
  • for preparing documents across branches and with external consultants,
  • as a public-private partnership exchange and interaction platform,
  • for collaboratively authoring documents (contracts, patents, research proposals, publications, books, financial tables, presentations etc.) without compromising confidentiality,
  • for managing R&D projects with third parties without using internal IT infrastructure ("project cloud")

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