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Companies for whom we have worked successfully in the past.

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KMU-NetC Mittelstand
The aim of the project is the development of an iron-based contrast agent (CM) for vascular diagnosis in magnetic resonance imaging to meet the diagnostic needs of patients with limited applicability of iodine- or gadolinium-containing CMs. More information at

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Silence Therapeutics
Silence Therapeutics develops RNAi based drugs for the treatment of life-threatening diseases. The company uses a proprietary technology to inhibit the translation of disease-causing proteins. We successfully advised Silence Therapeutics on the application for and implementation of a major funding project.

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ProBioGen is a renowned company in production development and production of proteins and develops its own technologies in this area. ConsulTech worked on the business plan during the early stages of the company and supported funding projects.

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Autotissue GmbH develops and produces biological implants for use in cardiac surgery. All implants are produced using a proprietary decellularization technique. Implants treated this way can grow naturally and become part of the patient's body. ConsulTech has supported autotissue on various funding projects.

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VOCO is a family-run dental company and a leading manufacturer in the industry. The company develops and markets branded products in the fields of preventive, restorative and prosthetic dentistry. ConsulTech advised on the application and implementation of various projects.

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The aim of the IMI-PainCare project is to improve the care of patients suffering from acute or chronic pain. The consortium is composed of 40 participants from 14 countries; 6 are EFPIA (European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations) participants with strong traditions in pain research and development, 23 are internationally renowned academic and clinical institutions, 5 are specialist SMEs with cutting-edge technologies, 3 are patient organizations and 3 are professional pain/anesthesia societies. ConsulTech has accompanied the consortium through all phases of the application process and is now responsible for project management and dissemination activities. More about the project here:

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ConsulTech is the project coordinator of Gliomark, which is co-funded by the European Commission through its Horizon 2020 SME Instrument program. The implementation is carried out together with our Greek partner ProActina SA. The project involves the development of a radio diagnostic kit to easily detect brain tumors and distinguish them from necrotic tissue. ConsulTech has submitted the application and supervises the Phase II + III clinical studies. More about the project here:

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SmartBees is a collaborative research project between 16 partners from universities, research institutions and companies across Europe. The consortium is working on solutions to prevent colony losses caused by the Varroa mite and viruses and to counteract the systematic replacement of many native European bees with only two specific races which is observed over the last years. The team encompasses geneticists, molecular biologists, parasitologists, virologists, immunologists, communication specialists, mathematicians, and bee specialists. ConsulTech has supported the entire application process, supported the redress process and is responsible for the project and financial management of the consortium. More information here:

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Miracle was an FP7 funded EU project in which a small lab-on-a-chip device was developed to isolate and analyse circulating tumour cells (CTCs). The number and type of CTCs can help with cancer therapy. ConsulTech has accompanied the entire application process and contract negotiations. During the project period, we were responsible for project management, dissemination and commercialisation. More about the project here:

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Anticalins® are novel therapeutic proteins that - like antibodies - can bind to a wide variety of ligands. The EUROCALIN consortium produced a specific anticalin and clinically tested it in phase I. This could lead to better treatment for a certain type of anemia. ConsulTech has accompanied the entire application process and contract negotiations. During the project, we were responsible for project management, dissemination, communication and financial management. More about the project here:

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SME Instruments
Although the SME instrument of the Horizon 2020 funding program is highly competitive, it is also attractive to SMEs due to the flexibility of the program. For market-related product developments funding up to € 2.5 million can be applied for with a funding rate of 70%. The products should help the company to become market leader. ConsulTech has successfully submitted applications for numerous domestic and foreign SMEs.

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