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What we can do for you

Control of the decision (conditions)
Project controlling in cooperation with the financial department of the beneficiary

  • Project planning and implementation compliant with the rules
  • Adjustments, communication with the funding agency
Advice on project accounting
  • Which expenses are eligible, how is it settled?
  • How to request funds?
Creation of exploitation verification
Content project controlling
  • Does project content and proposal match?
  • Which changes are compliant?
  • Which changes can be implemented as part of the funding?
  • Adaptations of the project to amendments
Amendments in the project
  • Personnel changes in the company
  • Amendments by the funding agency (reporting, conditions)
  • Amendments in the exploitation plan
  • Amendments during the project
  • Formulation of the amendments
  • Possibly formal applications
  • Increase requests
  • Cost-neutral extensions
  • Advice on the preparation of scientific interim and final reports
  • Structure and scope of reports
  • What is important, what is not?
  • Revision and formulation of reports
  • Exploitation and utilization evidence
Creation and maintenance of the project-specific website
Project Management
  • Organization of meetings and conferences
  • Provision of web meeting / TC system
  • Provision of an e-room for collaborative working on documents
  • Control of Milestones, Interim and Final Reports, Deliverables
  • Financial management
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