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ConsulTech conducts its own R&D studies for pharmacologic and diagnostic purposes.

For this, we use the competences of
CONELIS e.V., an association of experts in research, development and marketing tasks for the diagnostic-, pharma- and biotech-industry. We implement all our studies (non-clinical and clinical) extremely cost effective and efficient.

One of our R&D projects is GLIOMARK, which is co-funded by the European Commission through its Horizon 2020 SME Instrument program (GA no 673737). The project has a budget of more than 5.2 m € and is funded by 4.7 m € (one of the largest funded projects in the SME instrument).

In GLIOMARK, together with our Greek partner
ProActina SA, a diagnostic kit is being developed to detect brain tumours and distinguish them from necrotic tissue.

You find more information on GLIOMARK at the project homepage

A diagram with blue man's brain
Gliomark kit

Digital project management and collaboration

To enable flawless collaboration between partners of the research consortia which we support or we partner, respectively, we have developed and actively use our
e-Col plattform.

e-Col is a "Content Collaboration Platform", which is based on Nextcloud and OnlyOffice. The underlying technology is used by German Federal Authorities for secure data exchange. The platform allows for secure file sharing, collaborative and simultaneous authoring of standrad office documents and offers a variety of project management tools e.g. calendar, chat, calls (with/without video) and more

e-Col being continuously enhanced; the actual version is 18.0.3.

Find out more on the product homepage:

Anti-cancer low-energy radiation therapy

We have demonstrated that low-energy radiation which is usually employed in diagnostic medical devices such as computer tomographs have a therapeutic effect on cancer cells under certain circumstances.

ConsulTech investigates

  • which cancer types are susceptible to this novel therapeutic approach
  • which amount of radiation over time is required to achieve an optimal effect
  • a novel medical device that directs an optimally directed beam to the cancer in the body