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First step: Project outline

Creation of project outline based on preliminary work of the client, including

  • State of the Art
  • IP situation
  • Project aims
  • Information about the company (annual report)
Financial planning, optimization of the funding rate
What is eligible, what is not
Discussion with and contacts to the funding agency about project contents
Identification and addressing of project partners, establishing networks

Second step: Full proposal

Proposal preparation including financial planning
Scientific and administrative legwork by the client, regarding
  • State of the Art
  • IP situation
  • Work plan
  • Personnel costs
Text and formal applications of all partners including research institution
Detailed financial planning according to the specifications of the funding agency
Update of the exploitation plan

  • Purpose and content of the exploitation plan
  • Legal importance of an exploitation plan
Proposal amendments according to the specifications of the funding agency
Possible resubmission

Especially for Horizon 2020 projects
Administrative tasks
  • Registration of the partners in the participant portal
  • Examination of the SME status
  • Administration of the proposal in the participant portal
  • EU Login (ECAS account)
Preparation of section 4 (Members of the consortium, subcontractors) and section 5 (ethics) of the proposal

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