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What we can do for you

  • Coordination of the grant application
  • Creation of an e-room for collaborative work (for more information visit
  • Organization and management of telephone conferences / web meetings
Contract management
Support of contract negotiations regarding the Consortium Agreement
  • How do accepted contracts look like
  • Rights of subcontractors
  • Moderation of conversations
  • Cooperation with competent and experienced patent attorneys and specialist lawyers for contract law (national and international)
Answering questions concerning the Grant Agreement (Horizon 2020)
  • Rights and obligations of project coordinator and partners
  • Financial questions: which costs can be funded
  • Answering questions about the German funding rules
Application management
Coordination of the application of a consortium
  • Coordination of the proposals and the cooperation of the partners, respectively
  • Text and formal applications of all partners including research institutions
  • Detailed financial planning according to the specifications of the funding agency
Update of the exploitation plan
  • Purpose and content of the exploitation plan
  • Legal importance of an exploitation plan
Proposal amendments according to the specifications of the funding agency
Possible resubmission

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