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Successful Grant Applications for LifeScience Projects

KMU innovativ "Bio-economy"

The bioeconomy can be used to launch new types of products and innovative processes that enable new prosperity to be established and existing resources to be conserved. In order to support companies in this area, the BMBF has launched a new funding programme, KMU-innovativ Bioökonomie. The funding programme is aimed specifically at small and medium-sized enterprises.
The primary aim is to support bioeconomic research on the one hand and the sustainable economy on the other. With KMU-innovativ Bioökonomie, subsidy programmes provided in the past are being continued.

Purpose of the grant scheme


The UN Agenda 2030 and the 2015 Paris Climate Conference have defined ambitious sustainability and climate targets. In order to achieve these goals, Germany needs to further and consistently expand the existing bio-based economy. In order to strengthen this sector of the economy and promote innovation at this level, the German government agreed on the National Bioeconomy Strategy in January 2020. This sets out the guidelines and objectives as well as measures to strengthen the bio-based economy. The associated efforts focus on small and medium-sized enterprises. The SME-innovative bioeconomy funding programme aims to strengthen these companies so that they have comparable opportunities to the large corporations in the industry.

What is funded?


The focus of KMU-innovativ Bioökonomie is on high-risk and technologically demanding projects that primarily require the utilisation of biological knowledge as well as the application of innovative, technological solutions. Furthermore, it must be possible to categorise the projects in the bioeconomy. The objects of funding are therefore

  • Projects that both develop and manufacture climate-neutral and future-oriented products from biogenic resources.
  • the development and manufacture of products that minimise environmentally harmful emissions and waste.
  • Products that make it possible to return resources to natural cycles and value chains.
KMU-innovativ Bioökonomie promotes modern technology transfer, which has its origins in applied research. The provision of financial resources should significantly accelerate developments through to their first practical application. The funding benefits both early development phases and the creation of qualified jobs.

Who receives funding?


The KMU-innovativ Bioökonomie funding programme is aimed specifically at small and medium-sized enterprises. The procedure is two-stage and competitive. During the selection process, the ministry staff are advised by a panel of experts. In order to ensure a neutral recommendation, the panel of experts is regularly replaced.

How does it work?


A two-stage selection process is used to select the programmes to be funded within the framework of KMU-innovativ Bioökonomie. Firstly, project outlines must be submitted. A maximum of 12 pages is permitted. The relevant deadlines are 15 April and 15 October of each year. Once the documents have been received, the final decision is usually made within two months. Funding is available:

  • only projects that make an application-related and significant contribution to the development of the bio-based economy.
  • Projects with a significant scientific and technological risk.
  • Projects that are important for the positioning of the respective company on the market.
Personnel costs, subcontracting costs and material costs are subsidised.
If you have any questions about KMU innovativ Bioökonomie and would like professional support in applying for funding, you can rely on us. We will be happy to assist you!

We support you in all aspects of the application and billing process. If you have any questions about SME innovative bioeconomy and would like professional support in applying for funding, you can rely on us. We will be happy to assist you!
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