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New IMI calls in 2020

The European public-private partnership „Innovative Medicines Initiative“ (IMI2) has published new calls with the following topics:
Call 20
  • early diagnosis, prediction of radiographic outcomes and development of rational, personalised treatment strategies to improve long-term outcomes in Psoriatic Arthritis
  • innovations to accelerate vaccine development and manufacture
  • Academia and industry united innovation and treatment for tuberculosis (UNITE4TB)
  • tumour plasticity
  • proton versus photon therapy for oesophageal cancer – a trimodality strategy
  • handling of protein drug products and stability concerns

The deadline for call 20 is June 23.

For call 21, the following topics are currently under discussion. The call will likely open in June 2020.

Call 21
 Neurodegeneration and other neuroscience priorities
  • Rare neurodegenerative and neurocognitive diseases clinical platform development
  • Complement in neurodegenerative diseases
Pain portfolio
  • Digital endpoints and placebo effect in chronic pain
Infection control including vaccines
  • Development of innovative personalized diagnostics and patient-guided therapies for the management of sepsis-induced immune suppression
  • Modelling the impact of monoclonal antibodies and vaccines on the reduction of antimicrobial resistance
Big data, digital health, clinical trials and regulatory research
  • Data lakes
  • Personalised endpoints
  • Returning clinical trial data to patients: The proactive return of clinically relevant information to study participants during and after a clinical trial
  • Microbiome
Translational safety
  • Pharmacodynamic drug-drug interaction predictive testing by learning algorithms to enhance safety
  • Digital vivarium
Facilitating rare disease therapies (including Advanced Therapy Medical Products) reaching patients in Europe
  • Clinical outcomes assessments for rare diseases
  • Defragmenting and shortening the path to rare disease diagnosis by using genetic screening and digital technologies

We recommend to start already now assembling a powerful and competitive consortium. As we have great experience in supporting consortia (demonstrated through our participation in the IMI-PainCare project) we are certainly able to assist in the entire process of the setting up and file the application.