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Our own research project GLIOTHER

Glioma therapy

ConsulTech and Charité Berlin (
Department of Nuclear Medicine) - both members of the ZIM funded NetPhasol network (ZKN0732202) start the successfully applied ZIM research project GLOITHER (16KN073267) which aims at developing a new radiotherapy for glioblastoma.
This project is based on the results of the already successfully completed clinical studies on glioblastoma diagnostics, carried out within the framework of the own R&D project GLIOMARK (HORIZON 2020 funded EU project No 673737).

A central point of our development is the inclusion of the concept of theranostics, which allows the detection and treatment of tumours with essentially the same approach. Thus, a tumour diagnosis using such an approach provides reasonable assumption that the tumour will be effectively treated upon the therapeutic approach. Therefore, this concept represents the next step in personalized medicine.